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News Donald Cerrone And John Lineker Are What's Right With Fighting
I love body shots. There is a horrible, wonderful noise generated when a professional athlete hits another professional athlete in the torso, a thudding slap of skeleton and meat. It sounds like a Foley artist's garish exaggeration of what you think a body shot should sound like. I love this sound. Read more … Read News

News From 'Obvious Child' To 'Blue Ruin': Here Are 9 Kickstarter Films From 2014 That Deserve Your Attention
Zach Braff's Kickstarter-backed "Wish I Was Here" opens on Friday, so we thought it was a good opportunity to highlight other Kickstarter-funded films from 2014 that deserve your attention. Here's a selection of 9 of our favorites — you'll notice that some of them have already been released theatrically, a few have just screened at festivals and a couple are set to hit theaters soon. We list … Read News