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News Borders, Security 'essential' To Any Mideast Peace Deal: US
US Secretary of State John Kerry believes sketching the borders of a future Palestinian state and agreeing to security arrangements for Israel will be \"essential\" if peace talks resume, the top US negotiator has said. In his first public comments since negotiations collapsed last month, Martin Indyk candidly described the behind-the-scenes atmosphere between Israelis and Palestinians and … Read News

News How To Effectively Mirror Your Job Materials To The Posting
A more detailed bulleted list of various responsibilities associated with the position. Moreover, they often utilize common language to describe their ideal candidate, such as: "excellent communications skills," "self-starter," "team player," "top producer," etc. And at the end, virtually every ad will proclaim the employer's policy of nondiscrimination against any legally protected class of … Read News

News How To Handle A Demotion And Pay Cut
You're more likely to hear diplomatic statements like, "we want to make your responsibilities more manageable," "we want to ensure you aren't stretched thin" and "Johnny loved the work you did on XYZ project, and so you're going to be moved so you can work with him more directly." That language is the signal your boss is letting you down — and moving you down — easy. If the shift is … Read News

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