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Tips on Putting Together a High Quality Resume

Employers receive hundreds, if not thousands of resumes each day for job openings. Many are passed over, so how do you make sure your resume is one that doesn’t get put in to the “pass” pile?

Making sure that you have a great resume is easier said than done. Really good resumes take some practice and sometimes, it might even take looking at the the best sample resume to get you the start that you need.

Here are some tips to help you get started…

First, you have to really think about what type of resume that you want to put together. Common formats are the reverse chronological, the functional, and the hybrid formats. If you are using the reverse chronological format, you would be highlighting your working experience or jobs in the reverse chronological order. Each section would contain the company’s name, job title, the dates you were employed there, and brief statements of achievements or functions. This is a great format to show the skills you’ve acquired through your years of experience. If you have gaps in your employment, it might not be a good idea to use this format.

The functional resume format lists your experience by job function and skill, rather than in a neat little time line. This format is typically used for jobs that require a very specific skill set. You might use this format if you were putting together an esthetician resume or a phlebotomist resume. Because those jobs applicants need to show that they know certain skills, not necessarily when they acquired them. A good way to really understand this format is to look at an lpn resume sample.

When writing your resume, you will want to really try to write it around the job that you are applying for. Try to highlight those skills that the job criteria is asking for. It will show the employer that you took the time to understand what the job is asking for and how you will do your best to fit the job. Many employers also say that the number one reason a resume will get passed over is for grammatical or spelling errors, so make sure you proof read it twice and have two other people do the same. These tips should get you a high quality resume.

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Mr. Joseph Tramontana from Hamilton NJ is a top level Director of Human Resources..

Glassdoor for Employees

How to Spot Glassdoor Fake Jobs

There are numerous ways to identify Glassdoor fake jobs. One way is by examining the company’s emails. These emails are sent to employees following a negative review. Unfortunately, glassdoor reviews are often biased and often inaccurate. While there is no way to prove the authenticity of the company’s email accounts, a Glassdoor spokesperson says the company stands by the opinions of its customers. The Journal reviewed emails sent by Roostify to former employees and found one such email was sent to software engineer Tara Scherner de la Fuente after she posted an anonymous review of the company. The software engineer left Roostify in November 2017.


Glassdoor reviews are biased.

Some Glassdoor users have taken a personal stance against such employers, arguing that such claims are false. You can check glassdoor reviews and remove reviews if you find any negative thoughts about yourself. These reviews are often wrong, and some even question the company’s authenticity. However, Glassdoor’s policy is different. It doesn’t hire content farms or coerce employees to post glowing reviews. Instead, it tasks current employees to write fawning reviews. Although driven reviews are considered fake, they remain valid. For example, the fake Elsevier journal incident occurred in 2000-2005.


Although most companies have honest reviews, a minority of Glassdoor users claim that their companies are fake. These individuals pay Glassdoor to post reviews, and the company will often remove negative reviews. Unfortunately, it means that Glassdoor reviews are not truly objective. As a result, a fake company may have a frightful reputation for being unfair to its employees. However, most studies are positive, making them a valuable tool for both employers and job seekers.


It’s free to use

Glassdoor is a website for anonymous reviews of companies and jobs, but it can be challenging to weed out fake information. Glassdoor users can quickly post fake reviews of companies they have never worked for – and because it’s free to join, they can create multiple accounts under fake names. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for Glassdoor to spread counterfeit jobs. To make things worse, people who post fake reviews are encouraged to post them to get free access for ten days.


To avoid falling prey to Glassdoor’s false reviews, keep in mind that the site is entirely free to use. Anyone can register, upload a resume, and apply for jobs. You can also browse the website for salaries and research different companies. In addition, Glassdoor offers several resources online, including blogs and career guides. Create an account and start searching through the thousands of job listings. After completing your profile, you can apply for open positions, post reviews, and upload your resume.


It’s easy to find

While Glassdoor bills itself as an employer review site, the truth is that Glassdoor is paid by companies that post their jobs, not by employees who post honest reviews. One example: Company X, paying Glassdoor to post job openings, is suddenly facing layoffs. The CEO gets angry with the HR manager who manages the vendor account. Glassdoor then removes all of the negative reviews.


Beware of companies with job postings with grammar and spelling errors. These are likely scams. Also, be cautious when applying for jobs that seem too good. Even if they look legitimate, fake job postings may have many typos or vague descriptions. Glassdoor also offers a list of tips to spot fake jobs. In addition to checking the company’s website and postings, users can look for reviews and complaints from other people.


It’s easy to spot fake reviews.

It’s straightforward to spot fake Glassdoor reviews, but there are sure warning signs that you need to look out for one; Glassdoor does not validate or verify reviews, leading to inaccurate information. Moreover, it can be especially harmful to HR professionals, as it can be tempting to read-only glowing reviews that don’t necessarily represent the company’s reality. To prevent this from happening, HR professionals should follow these tips:


The first way to spot fake reviews is to look for specific characteristics in the profile. Fake reviews typically do not contain specific examples of work experiences. Instead, they are often sponsored by the business or service provider. If the reviewer does not have a social media account, it’s probably a fake. In addition, fake reviews do not mention specific details about the experiences of actual customers. These characteristics indicate that the reviewer was paid by the business or service provider, making it difficult to verify its authenticity.


It’s easy to manipulate employee sentiment.

You know how easy it is to deceive employee sentiment online with Glassdoor’s job advertising service if you’re a recruitment marketing manager. Leading recruitment advertising companies make promises and imply benefits that are not possible. The employment industry benefits from the contradiction between consumer knowledge and toleration. If your company advertises jobs with Glassdoor, you can ensure the employees there are happy to work for your company.


In one recent Wall Street Journal investigation, the site revealed that many employers manipulate Glassdoor to improve their public reputations. A Wall Street Journal analysis of Glassdoor reviews found 400 companies with substantial monthly increases in their ratings. Moreover, the ratings at these times were disproportionately positive. Although this is a troubling trend, employers may use Glassdoor as a powerful recruiting tool by targeting certain “target groups” of employees.


Can my employer see me on Glassdoor?

Is Glassdoor free to use?

Is there an alternative to Glassdoor?

What is a glass door?

How to Get Hired by Indeed is an online job search engine that allows people to post their resumes. Indeed is an American company launched in November 2004 and is a subsidiary of Recruit Co. Ltd. It has co-headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, Austin, Texas, and other offices worldwide. Indeed was the first website to make posting a resume so easy. But how do you get started? This article will explain how to write a compelling profile and get hired quickly by Indeed.


How to Give Effective Feedback

As an effective communication mechanism, feedback can be very effective. It helps your colleagues understand and improve their performance. Feedback can motivate employees to improve and be engaged in the company’s goals. Here are some helpful tips for feedback. Keep in mind that feedback is one person’s opinion. It is better to give constructive feedback than to praise someone’s achievements. Hence, feedback is a necessary tool for effective communication. If you are not sure how to provide feedback, here are some tips for you:


How to Use Glassdoor Salaries Data to Your Advantage in Your Job Search

Salary data from Glassdoor is not perfect, but it is better than nothing. While employees may self-report their salaries, the data is not verified, so it is always better to trust the information provided. Salary data can also change as companies grow exponentially or the economy improves. It means that salaries posted several years ago may no longer represent current market value. The good news is that you can still find a decent market value for your job search.

Glassdoor for Employees